ADOPT A PLAN OF ACTIONA person who must get through a certain amount of work everyday cannot afford to work haphazardly. Besides work, one cannot overlook personal needs, the needs of the family and also the responsibilities towards friends and the society.

People who have their sight on success adopt and follow a definite plan of action. The plan should include what needs to be achieved, how it is to be done and also the time framework. While the plan would be designed for a longer period, it would necessarily need to be broken down to what a person desires to attain everyday.

Beginning from the time one wakes up, goes through the morning routine, has breakfast and leaves for office, fulfils the office routine, returns home in the evening, followed by some rest and leisure time, the plan must provide cushioning against interruptions and problems beyond one’s control.

The plan must take into consideration a person’s health, capabilities and family circumstances. The plan must provide for leisure and recreation activities. Without these, one can suffer a burnout and harm his health. With a workable plan in place, a person can enjoy the confidence of knowing that everything is well within control and one is steadily moving towards the larger goals of life.