BUILD UPON PAST SUCCESSESIf we stand tall and comfortable on the basis of what we have, or the opportunities that surround us, we cannot overlook that this has been possible only because we took over where our forefathers left. We are indeed obliged to them for providing the foundation to build our lives upon.

The fountain pen we use is not the same we used 50 years ago. The lamps we use to light our homes are not the electric lamp Edison gave us. The telephones we use are not like the ones Graham Bell built. Nor are the aeroplanes we travel in like the one the Wright Brothers built just a hundred years ago. But would we have all of the modern versions if these great men had not toiled hard to give us what they did? They and many more are worthy of our respect for the wonderful discoveries they made or the inventions they gave to make our lives comfortable.

Just as mankind has used past successes to create still greater successes, we can learn to build upon our past successes. Look back at all your achievements. There is none amongst us who did not do something or another well to be appreciated for. Think of these successes. Using them as stepping stones, think of ways to improve upon them. Thinking of past successes would enhance your self-confidence. When you build upon them further and attain newer successes, you will see your self-confidence soaring to newer heights.