COUNT YOUR BLESSINGSWhat would you like to take stock of? Of what you have or what you don’t? Unfortunately, the people like to keep counting what they do not have. Whenever we think of what we lack, we feel sad and unhappy. Since we live in a competitive world and new things keep coming in the market, the list of what we do not have continues to get longer, proportionately increasing the level of unhappiness. This, in turn, reduces the level of self confidence.

Human needs can be unlimited. However, it is a rare person who would have unlimited resources to fulfill these needs. Therefore, if not checked, a person can easily get lost in his or her needs that would lead him or her to utter despair.

The next time you desire something, ask yourself what you could give in return for what you want. It is common sense that we need to give something in return for what we want. God has blessed you liberally with a healthy body, two arms, two legs, eyes to see, ears to hear and a tongue to taste the food. Besides, we would have material things accumulated over the years. Make a list of your blessings. The list will be much longer than you think!

When you review the list of your blessings, you will soon realise how generous God has been with you. Rather than despair for what you cannot have, you will begin to enjoy what you do have.

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