DEALING WITH STRESSA person could be efficient at work, but soon he or she discovers that working day after day at the same routine leaves one a little more irritable and tired in the evening. Soon one begins to postpone some of the activities to the next day. The pleasure one derives from work gradually wanes and there is desire to take. a break from work. These are the typical symptoms of stress gradually building up at the workplace.

Most young people continue to ignore many of the common and simple symptoms when they first surface. In younger years, the body is also able to adapt to the increasing stress. However, when one continues to ignore stress many young people suffer a burnout. The nervous breakdown could leave them crippled for life.

People react differently to the same kind of stress. While some grow up taking it in the normal stride, others buckle quickly under it. Ambitious people are more prone to it than those who have reasonable goals to attain. To avoid the harmful effects of stress, one must learn to deal with it.

Physical stress is immediately felt and can be countered with rest. One should never compromise on sleep, which is nature’s way to prepare the body for another day of activity. Emotional stress is difficult to understand and cope with. Include recreation activities in the daily schedule. Music, watching television and pursuing useful hobbies are known to be good stress busters. You are the best judge of your body needs. Stay stress free for a successful career.