DEVELOP A POSITIVE ATTITUDEEvery ninety out of twenty people entertain thoughts like: “I can’t do it”; “I can’t get it”; “I can’t achieve it”. Since the mind dictates what the body needs to do, the thoughts being repeated in the mind are conveyed to the body, which accepts them, leaving things undone and unattained. Besides the loss in productivity, it takes away whatever confidence the person enjoys.

Take a new look at yourself. Must you continue to rotate endlessly in the whirlpool of your negative thoughts and reactions? If so, for how long would it go on? Where would it lead you to?

Have you ever thought that it takes the same amount of effort to think positive as it does to think negative? Besides, positive thinking would add on to your productivity and the level of self-confidence. The secret lies in having a belief in your skills and abilities. When you believe in yourself, the body too will believe in what the mind commands it to do.

Think positive. Make positive thinking a part of your everyday life. When you look at things, look at the brighter side even if it does not appeal to you immediately. Soon it will become a habit to look at the brighter side of everything. Once it is a habit, it becomes a part of one’s attitude. Then you will find it difficult to think in a negative way. A positive attitude towards life would add a wonderful force, which would make you productive and self-confident.