ENJOYING YOUR JOBTwo out of every five working people are not happy with what they are doing for a livelihood. Would you expect them to build successful careers? Would they enjoy what they are doing every day? Would this not promote mediocrity? Yet this can be avoided if a person were to follow the simple steps of selecting an appropriate career, developing necessary skills and abilities and to give one’s very best to work. This way, every day would be a fun.

Charles M. Schwab warned, “The man who does not work for the love of work but only for money is not likely to make money nor to find much fun in life.” A.P. Peabody suggests, “The force, the mass of character, mind, heart or soul that a man can put into any work, is the most important factor in that work.”

To build a successful career, a person must enjoy going through the daily routine. While to one person, it could be going through the daily grind, to another it could be taking little steps towards the top. The difference is in the attitude towards one’s career.

To enjoy work plan it ahead every day. Have time for all the important things. Set priorities on the basis of urgency and importance. Do plan a cushion in the time schedule for interruptions that can be stressful. Encourage others ‘also to follow a system because then they know when to contact each other without disturbing the work schedule.

There would be no scope for stress or anxiety when you create a fair balance between work, family and your personal time. A good work schedule has time for everything. It is always the busy person who can make adjustments to include last minute changes.

One thing that robs a person of having fun at work is gossip that leads to office politics. Be professional in dealing with people. Do not give in to temptation of passing on stray remarks about people or situations. Unnecessary criticism and remarks could spoil your mood and lower your performance.

Always work as part of a larger team. In the present work scenario, it takes the efforts of everyone together to run an efficient organisation. When you look at your work as a contribution towards the larger achievement of the group, it becomes fun to work together.

Many organisations incorporate some fun-time in the work  schedule and include small get-togethers to celebrate special occasions. Always participate in them. Irrespective of the activity, one must always act with confidence.

Those who enjoy doing work perform better both quantitatively and qualitatively. Every day their productivity grows, and with it they too grow. Enjoying one’s work also ensures freedom from fatigue and stress. Each day takes them closer to their goal of a successful career. A person must appreciate that no work is too small or belittling to handle, or too difficult that it cannot be done. Nothing is impossible for a person who enjoys his or her work.