GOING TO COLLEGEBy the time a son or daughter is ready to go to college, he or she would know what kind of work would be best for him or her. At the same time, the parents too would be aware of the child’s temperament and also the likes and dislikes. This is important because the child would seek the help and guidance of the parents before selecting a career.

Most careers require specialized knowledge. To acquire this knowledge, one would need admission in a specialized course in a technical college. If the area of specialization is to follow graduation, then the parents must send the child to a college where all-round development of the child is given importance along with the academics. An all-rounder is more successful than a bookworm.

Career opportunities abound equally for boys and girls in almost every field. Parents need to understand that while children are choosing careers in the fields of their choice, often they lack self-confidence and are not sure if their choice would take them to their destination.

Many times the parents too would lack sufficient knowledge to guide and help the child. However, with their maturity and understanding they could help find out the details of courses, colleges and universities and also about the current trends. It might be useful to send the child for career counseling where .he or she can learn about the opportunities that are available. A little care and concern by the parents help strengthen the parent-child relationship

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