Gout awereness video dispels myths

Patient advocacy group CreakyJoints was joined by Savient Pharmaceuticals and Jim Belushi to release a video about gout. They try to explain people what it is and encourage the discussion about it. It’s no secret that there are several misconceptions, or you let’s call them myths, about gout. Such as the perception that gout is simply caused by our own lack of discipline and if we have it, we deserve it.


The fact is that there are several risk factors to the disease, such as metabolic syndrome. Gout is also very heritable.

At this time around 1-2% of European population is affected by the condition, with the number being twice as high in the U.S. and going even higher when it comes to men above the age of 65 and women above the age of 85 years. Over time the numbers have increased significantly and this is also, in big part, the result of our longer life expectancy.

To dispel different myths and misconceptions about the condition, the gout video was released on May 22, on Gout Awareness Day.

“Gout is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis, affecting roughly eight million people in the U.S.,” said Dr. Jonathan Krant, the Medical Director of CreakyJoints, “People with gout present on a spectrum of severity, but given the progressive nature of the condition and the comorbidities commonly associated with gout, it’s important that patients work with their doctor to get their uric acid level under control.”

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