GROWING AT THE WORKPLACEIn some jobs, particularly in the government, growth comes naturally with time. It is presumed that everyone is fulfilling the necessary responsibilities and would be entitled to the stipulated growth and increase in emoluments. This does not happen in the private sector where growth is dependent upon the skills of the workforce and their ability to handle additional responsibility.

Although many organisations involve the workmen in the process of appraisal of individual performance, it is ultimately the boss or the management that decides on promotions and growth. This encourages the workforce to keep the boss happy suitably.

Even in sectors where growth comes with time, the past record and the ability of the individuals decide who deserves to grow higher. Some of the people in top positions assert that they could grow because they learnt to think positively, communicate effectively and get things done by developing positive relationships that automatically made them leaders of the workforce.

Commercial organisations would have people from a variety of activities like sales and marketing, finance, HRO, manufacturing and administration in top positions. Anyone of them could reach the top on the basis of his or her abilities. In the top positions, people have gone through a variety of experiences that have given them greater insight and perspective, giving them a vision to help the organisation grow.<