Hair Care Tips

hair fall controlYour hair is a part of your beauty, any one is incomplete with his or her hair. Your hair definitely compliments your beauty. Specially for women hair are your biggest ornament. But in this dusty and hot environment it is very difficult for us to take care of our hair.

Our hair growth is specially dependent on the circulation of the blood, but in this fast moving do we have time to consider this fact or even take good care of our hair? I don’t think so. For healthy hair You should consider eating good, taking good sleep , exercising and staying healthy. One thing that you should always keep in mind is that always dry your wet hair with a towel slowly and nicely, do not dry them harshly, this can cause them immense damage. Never use someone else’s comb or brush and try not to comb your hair very harshly, this can also lead to hair fall.

Well I have some solutions to your hair problems and I promise I will save your money too. Firstly stop moving along the aisles and thinking which shampoo will stop your hair from falling. Let me tell you wasting money on shampoos and conditioners does not help you instead it makes your hair more fragile.

At least  once in a week you should oil your hair and wash them with shampoo, please don’t use after bath creams and stuff like that. Now I am going to tell you some home remedies to keep your hair  healthy. Most teenage girls complains about hair fall well whoever has the problem of hair fall can use these remedies.

  • Take some lemon juice and mix it with egg white (skip the York) apply it on your hair once in a week and this will definitely help your hair.
  • Apply Aloe Vera on your hair. Take a piece of it and cut in from the centre apply the sticky liquid of it to your hair. This not only gives you shine but will stop your hair from falling.
  • Take a spoon full of henna leaves powder (mehndi), mix it with two spoons of yogurt, add a drop or two of any oil and then add egg white in it apply this mixture to your hair for 2 to 3 hours and then wash it with your shampoo. This remedy must be practiced at least three times a month.
  • Rub an slice of onion on your hair scalp this will definitely reduce hair fall.
  • Corrinder juice can also be applied to the scalp to reduce hair fall. Take some water and boil it with coriander and stain it. After cooling it apply the huice to your hair.

Superfluous Hair:

This is a very common problem that is found in both men and women. This problem vary gender wise, for example in men unwanted hair usually grow on shoulders and back where as in women unwanted hair usually grow on chest and face. This can happen due a hormonal problem and in women it can happen due to the high levels of androgen.

Most women plug the hair out of their parts by the help of a nail cutter but that’s not helping you, taking out hair unnaturally will not help anything. Scrub ubtan at the affected place this will definitely help you get rid of those unwanted hair. If in a little amount just before giving bath an infant is rubbed with ubtan, this not only makes the skin soft but also keeps skin problems at bay.

When you are kneading make dough of wheat flour or barley for smoothness add little mustard oil to it, apply it to your skin and let it dry—wash it off with the aid of  warm water.  Ubtan is also very good for body regular use of it can keep the body odour at bay.

Multipurpose hair Oil:

This oil is very effective and does not only reduces hair fall but is also beneficial for other purposes. This oil contains brahmi leaves with can very helpful for brain as well, These leaves are very useful they can reduce depression and helps in the growth of the nerve cells. It can fight skin diseases and if taken orally are very nutritious as it contains vitamins and amino acids. With stems if these leaves are rubbed at the base of the hair and then washed away it can finish dandruff.

Hair oil:

Take a pot and add some coconut oil boil it with brahmi leaves and boil till the leaves are crisp. Add some pachch-karpoor if it is  not available you can also add camphor. This oil can also be used daily for quick results.