JOB EXPERIENCEMost young people doing their first job complain that they are not paid in commensurate with the skills and abilities they have gained at the school and college level. To a certain degree they could be right. However, they fail to appreciate that they might have the necessary qualifications for a great job, but they lack the experience, which plays a crucial role in making a person more productive.

The first job could be labeled under-paid. But people forget that besides the remuneration, the person is also deriving valuable job experience that cannot be immediately transformed into terms of money. It is, however, helping to enhance the person’s skills and abilities, increasing the net worth in the long term.

It has been seen that the first jobs in large corporate houses where a newcomer is given very limited authority offer lesser opportunities for gaining work experience in comparison to the smaller business houses that have fewer employees and entrust greater responsibilities even upon newcomers.

Aspiring young people who desire to build a successful career must initially seek organisations where they can gain the maximum work experience. Some of the larger organisations have their own work culture, and to maintain it, they have in house training facilities where newcomers are initially trained. Even the older employees are provided facilities to work and learn at the same time. Nothing could be more useful than work experience.