JOB FULFILLMENTThe primary purpose of taking up a job is to have a source of livelihood. It is true that money has great motivational powers, and with each increment in a job, one is motivated to put in still greater efforts. However, money is not the only reason that makes people work. Unless a person finds inner satisfaction of having done something that is useful to the society, one fails to enjoy working. The inner joy that people derive from work is not only motivating, it also leads on to success and eventually helps earn a position in the society.

To understand and appreciate the level of fulfillment, a person is deriving at his or her workplace, one must find the work interesting. Unless one finds it so, it is not possible to continue taking an interest in it day after day. Does the workplace provide an atmosphere of learning? It is essential that one must learn new things at the workplace. Young people beginning on a career cannot grow in their careers unless they keep learning things that enhance skills and abilities.

Is the work challenging? A workplace that is too routine and mundane to offer challenges cannot hold the interests of young people -who are aspiring to grow swiftly in their careers. Challenges always motivate people who desire to get ahead. If it were not for such challenges, we could never have had
development that we see in almost all fields of activities.

Is the job offering ample opportunities to utilise one’s skills and abilities. Some jobs do, others don’t. If a job fails to provide sufficient opportunities to practice whatever one has learnt in school and college, one would gradually forget the skills simply because of lack of use and practice. In a job, money is an important criterion, but when a person needs to get ahead in . life all the aspects of the job must be clearly understood so that unknowingly the progress is not hampered in the long term.

It is natural for a certain amount of stress to build up in the course of a day’s work. This stress is easily controlled through rest and recreation activities. This is not so with all people and at all workplaces. Some people could be more sensitive than others. At the same time, some workplaces could be more stressful than others for a variety of reasons. It is for an individual to evaluate the situation from a personal point of view.

One cannot continue in a job just for the money that one gets as remuneration. To rise steadily in the career, it is essential that an aspiring young person must evaluate the job and the workplace in all aspects that affect the level of fulfillment one derives. It is only those who enjoy their work that build successful careers leading them to top positions.