JOIN SOCIAL GROUPSMan is a gregarious being. Since times immemorial mankind has found companionship and confidence by living together in groups. Man cleared the forests to till the soil; from the field he moved to hamlets and villages, and finally to towns and cities. However, the more he moved away from nature, the more he lost touch with other people, with whom he found harmony, peace and happiness.

In the present age, people surround us at home, at the workplace and in society. Many times we seek to be all by ourselves, but fail to find those few moments of enjoying our exclusive company. Despite such circumstances, a vast majority of people is very lonely. Such is their loneliness that it leads to melancholia. Many find way to psychiatrists and special homes. An important cause is the lack of the kind of people they would want to associate with.

Get out of the walls that you might have built around you in this competitive environment. Go and meet the people you would like to associate with, people you can be friendly with. Join a social group, a club or an organisation where you can find your true self that is hidden deep within you. When you meet people in an environment of your choice, you will find some that will stir your mind, motivate you and give you a reason to live a complete life.