Lipstick for your skin tone

LipsticksChoosing the right lip colour isn’t as simple as a lot of us may think. We’ve all seen someone wearing a shade of lipstick that’s made us talk about them for years to come, and, chances are, at some point or another we’ve been that person too! The two most important factors to take into consideration when picking out a lipstick are the tone of your skin and the size of your lips. For now, we’re going to focus on skin tone, but the lip size is definitely worth a mention. The general rule to adhere to would be that people with thin lips should avoid dark colours, and people with full lips should avoid bright colours. Why, you ask? Dark colours on thin lips can make them look even thinner, while bright colours on full lips can make them seem even fuller, and unless that’s what you’re going for, it’s best to stay away from those!


If you have fair skin, you want to stay away from anything that might make you look washed out. Avoid dull lipsticks with hints of browns and yellows. Pinks, nudes and cherry reds, on the other hand, will help accentuate your porcelain features and give you a somewhat rosy l00k.


Women with a medium skin tone can rely on pinks as well,¬†especially those with brown undertones, like a dark nude shade In fact, a number of different shades of brown can be incredibly flattering on women of a medium to olive complexion. Just stay away from anything too pale so you don’t look dulled down.


The dark skinned ladies should try bright and. berry shades that really pop against the contrast of then skin tone bringing full attention to their lovely lips. A strong orangey-red or even a burgundy is a perfect start if you are experimenting. It will give you a flattering and sassy look people will be talking about for ages. Stay away from dull browns!