Lipstick VS Lipgloss

Lipstick VS LipglossGrowing up I always saw that my mom was a consistent lipstick wearer. I would often see her standing in front of her dresser, carefully applying a sophisticated red or deep plum before she felt completely ready. It did, back then, and still does, look really good on her. Perhaps it’s just something I’ve seen all my life and therefore familiar to me, but without it, she looks like something’s lacking. When, on multiple occasions, I have picked up the stick and tried it on myself, I didn’t like it. It felt thick, heavy and weirdly unnatural on my lips. Not only that, but the colour felt like it was too jarring, it didn’t suit me or my skin tone. Suffice to say, I’m not a makeup girl, just a little bit of kajal is enough to make me feel ‘done up’ but I can tell what does and doesn’t look good!

As I ventured into my late teens I inevitably stumbled across lip gloss and fell in love, albeit it was a strawberry flavoured variety. I enjoyed the shine, the subtlety, the scents and, yes, even the flavours! I liked how it made my lips look without the extra colour, and instead played about my natural lip colour. My favourite are the tinted variety, which add lustre and just a hint of pink.

It’s only recently that I’ve realized that the world is made up of two groups; lip gloss wearers and lipstick wearers, and it has little to do with age. Most women will choose a side as young girls, while they’re still discovering makeup, and stick with what they like or are comfortable with as they grow up. If you didn’t experiment in your early years, or you’re just curious, as I was, here are some facts for each category:


Deep, pigmented color
Often acts as a moisturizer
Dark colors can be used as a teeth whitener
Great as a pop of color.

Lip gloss

Great shine, clear or glittery
Can be worn alone to add polish to a bare face
Cool flavours & scents
Light colour for those intimidated by too much colour on their face
Now those are just a few positives on the side of both lipstick and lip gloss. If you’re confused you may try combining the two for double benefit. If you have a bright or deep coloured lipstick, a shimmery gloss can tone the colour down a little while adding some shine. This is for you daring ladies who don’t mind really experimenting with your makeup which I encourage.