LIVING IN HARMONYEveryone primarily seeks happiness in life. This is attained only when one is in harmony with oneself and with the people and situations that predominate life. People find it difficult to attain this harmony because they try to achieve it through others or through situations that are controlled by people other than them.

To seek harmony, one needs to accept people and situations as they are, and not as what one would like them to be. This is not easy, but certainly possible. If one can begin by patiently accepting the simple fact that every person behaves or acts in a way that he or she was taught, or that the circumstances and situations in other people’s lives are beyond their control just like they are in our life, it becomes easy to appreciate and accept the way people think or behave.

Just as people do not always respond, as we would like them to, situations too do not always produce the kind of results that one seeks. While every person seeks to attain the best possible results, one cannot overlook the unseen hand of destiny that controls life situations. Those who accept this as the will of God find it easier to develop and maintain harmony within.

Harmony with people and situations is desirable because it adds on a special power to those who are able to attain harmony. Napoleon Hill described this special power as that emerging from ‘the master-mind’. He explains that when two or more people attain harmony to achieve a common goal, then each person is endowed with greater strength and ability than what each has individually. This means that if each of the person’s effort is ‘x’, then the result would not be ‘2x’, but still greater. Some describe it as ‘the synergic effect’ or ‘a holistic effect’.

It is not important as to what it is called or why it becomes possible. What is significant is that by creating harmony, one is able to attain much more than people can attain through individual effort.

Contrary to what many believe, it is not necessary for a person to attain complete harmony with one or more people in every sphere of life. One needs to create harmony only to attain a particular common goal acceptable to two or more people. This should not be difficult if each of the persons has a stake in what is to be ultimately attained.

It is through harmony that married couples build homes and find happiness. It is through harmony that great winning teams are developed on the field, or in the offices of business houses that achieve wonders. It is through teams that work in harmony that organisations attain more than what they would through individuals. Good teamwork leads to greater se