LOVE AND MARRIAGELove is the greatest of all emotions. The dictionary defines it as ‘a strong liking or interest; an ardent affection or fondness; to caress, fondle, or to take great interest in something’. Everyone desires love. Nothing could be more pleasurable than being loved. It helps keep us alive in body and spirit.

Beginning from birth until death, we need love. Only its’ form changes from the time we are born, and we develop relationships with the parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends and others. One special day this love makes us aware of the opposite sex, Initially, this awareness may be through group meetings and contacts, but gradually narrows down leading to take decision to settle down in marriage and raise a family.

Love is a very compelling emotion that pulls a young man and woman together, but marriage entails many responsibilities and one must be aware of these. An emotionally mature couple does not desire only the physical attraction of love because it can be short lived, but a mutual commitment to live together in peace, prosperity and poverty, in health and sickness, to say in every situation making a life-long commitment.

Since most young adults cannot assess their own feelings and emotions accurately to commit themselves to a permanent relationship, parents can play a crucial role in advising them what to expect and how to adjust themselves. No relationship is perfect. Rather than expecting something from a relationship, one needs to accept it as it comes.