MAINTAINING HIGH SELF ESTEEMYoung people setting out on a career sometime meet people within the organisation who are always discouraging, finding faults with little things. There are other people who enjoy intimidating colleagues and subordinates. This can be very disturbing mentally. It could lead the person to get discouraged, lower work performance and rob the joy of working. Never take such people seriously. Avoid them as far as possible.

To build a successful career, it is necessary that a person should always enjoy a high level of confidence and self-esteem. This keeps a person motivated to perform well.

Samuel Smiles suggests, “Self-respect is the noblest garment with which a man may clothe himself. It is the most elevating feeling with which the mind can be inspired. Tuckerman said, “It has been said that self-respect is the gate of heaven, and the most cursory observation shows that a degree of reserve adds vastly to the latent force of character.”

Whenever someone tries to intimidate or discourage you hear the person patiently. Try to find out what could be the basis of the person’s such action. Are you really at fault? If so, here is an opportunity to make amends. In most cases people indulge in such things out of envy or jealousy. It only means that you are on the right track. Always give your mind encouraging suggestions to maintain high self-esteem.

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