MAINTAINING HIGH SELF-ESTEEMAfter a few years of work, everyone reaches a stage when the remuneration a person gets for the services rendered at the workplace is not sufficiently satisfying. At the same time, a person desires personal fulfilment that comes from satisfaction derived from being able to fulfill one’s responsibilities. At this stage, a person also desires some recognition.

Personal fulfilment lies deep within everyone waiting to emerge when the person begins to move steadily to attain both the short-term and long-term goals. One needs to remember that fulfilment is not something that the employer or the colleagues at the workplace can give to a person. It comes from a person’s ability to adjust oneself to the existing circumstances at the workplace and finding happiness working with the people who are a part of the organisation.

Every person is unique. Therefore, everyone would have different hopes and aspirations that seek fulfilment. The obstacles, the problems and the challenges at the workplace also would vary from one place to another. Under the circumstances the only person one has control over is oneself. One needs to develop self-control by not letting the feelings and emotions to take over reason or the workplace situations. This is not very easy. Yet it has to be done through persistent effort to be able enjoy the happiness that comes from it. It is personal fulfilment that helps build a successful career. All successful people have done it. You also can do it.

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