MAKE SUCCESS A HABITSuccess in every field depends upon certain simple rules of life and living. Without any conscious knowledge of this, all successful people follow these rules. Using them regularly makes success a habit with these people. You too can adopt these rules arid with some effort make success a habit in your life.

While to a vast majority success means having a lot of money, a luxurious home, a car, fame or many friends; in reality, success is different. To be successful really means to be able to realise oneself, to have the ability to live up to one’s own expectations. One must find satisfaction in it. This is possible when one’s achievements are in harmony with the inner self and he enjoys a balanced life. One is truly successful when one enjoys being alive and likes the people and situations around him.

Opportunities for success abound all around us, but few avail of them. Contrary to what many believe, opportunities are not getting scarce, but growing with mankind. Every new discovery or new invention does not mean another opportunity exhausted. Instead, it means that more opportunities have opened up. Use them to your advantage. Human beings have unlimited needs, and as long as these needs continue to grow,
there will be the need to fulfill these. Use the simple rules to make attaining success a habit. It will add to your self-confidence.