MIND YOUR EXPRESSIONSFacial expressions speak almost as loudly as words. It is often said: the face is the index of the mind. With the mind controlling the body, one can appreciate the importance of the expression on the face.

The facial reaction is a combination of the reactions of the eyebrows, the eyes, the nose, the lips and the chin. The skin also communicates a message when it flushes, or turns livid, or folds to frown. It also sweats. Dimples too express a message. The facial reactions convey emotions ranging from love to fear.

Facial expressions immediately convey how a person feels. One could be happy and enthusiastic, sullen, disappointed, angry, wretched or defiant. One could react in many more ways. An intelligent person uses the situation accordingly. A shrewd negotiator watches the expressions of the opposite party to evaluate the situation and emerge as the ultimate ‘winner’.

Nobody can miss the influence of a smile. While it can convey victory and happiness, it can also convey conceit, defiance and sarcasm. Watch out to see what is the smile conveying.

The eyes communicate even more than the smile. It is not unusual for family members to communicate through eye contact. Mothers communicate this way the most with the children. It is symbolic of their involvement and intimacy.

In an average conversation, people look at each other for 30 to 60 percent of the time. When the time exceeds 60 percent, one may be more interested in the person than in the conversation. Young people flirt with their eyes. In some cultures direct eye contact with elders and superiors is not appreciated.

Like the eyes, the eyebrows also express feelings and emotions. Raised eyebrows express both surprise and mild disapproval.

The nose may lack movement like those of the lips or the eyes, but expresses feelings as well as they do. Observe the nose of the family members at the dining table. You will immediately get to know who has approved the day’s meal and those who haven’t. The expression on the nose gives them away easily. The nose reflects dislikes of a person, anger and frustration.Sometimes it also expresses indecision.

The chin expresses cheerfulness. It can also express determination. Tightening of the Jaw expresses defiance. If the person rubs the chin, it means he is evaluating the situation.

The ability to read and understand the facial expression of other people is important. One learns it slowly. However, the knowledge is important in that a person must try to control one’s expressions lest the other person takes advantage of one’s feelings. This is a sure way to maintain a high level of self-confidence.