Morning Workouts

Morning exercisesThese mornings, with the sun shining through as the cool breeze blows gently through your hair are the perfect time to do exercises and shed the unwanted pounds off your body. Not only that but they also leave you feeling energized and fresh in the morning, so you get off to a great start. Both your body and mind are capable of exerting themselves in the morning because of the restful night you have had, so, take advantage of these lovely sunrises and ensure that you follow some kind of morning exercise routine to stay fit. Here are some options for you to choose from which are simple and perfect for those just looking to get into it before becoming full-fledged pros!


A brisk morning walk is unarguably one of the best exercise routine that is almost essential for adults to follow. It needs no equipment, no special place and comes at absolutely no additional cost. At most you can take along a music player and a collection of good tunes, if not a good friend or partner isn’t a bad idea either. So, get into your tracks, put on your most comfortable sneakers and start going for morning walks from tomorrow!


Yoga is a slow yet effective exercise routine that will help you rid yourself of both a stressful mind and body. It will not leave you feeling exhausted like other exercise routines and nor will yoga cause any body pain afterwards. It is a simple and subtle way to train your body to remain fit and healthy while clearing your mind and working your breathing.


Squats are easy to do and extremely beneficial in strengthening your thighs and derriers. You need to stand with your legs apart and shoulders pulled in front of you. Lower yourself into a sitting position, stay for a few minutes and then get up. Your thighs may experience mild pain in the beginning, leaving you sore the next few days, but as you get used to it, you will see your efforts begin to payoff.


There is no time like morning to stretch your body and prepare it for all that lies ahead. There are several stretching exercises like side stretches and arm stretches that you can do in the morning in order to relax your muscles and get your body ready for the day that’s yet to start. Standing with your feet apart and trying to touch the right foot with your left hand, and left foot with your right hand alternatively is a good routine to start with.

Strength training

Strength training will help you burn the excess fat from your body whilst also building some strong muscles. Though you will probably need a professional’s help to begin with, it is certainly worth finding out how you can include this in your morning workout exercises once you’ve tired yourselves of the simpler ones!

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