FAMILY LIFEAll parents look with great pleasure when their child, as a young adult, completes education, begins to work and is ready to establish a family of his own. Nature prepares mankind to start a family at a much younger age, but the needs of a modern society require that both young men and women must wait until they are emotionally mature and economically independent to establish a family.

At the outset it appears very simple to start a family when a young man and woman fall in love, particularly when one of them or both are earning enough to fend for themselves. However, it is not as simple as it appears to be so. While economic freedom has made both young men and women secure, it might rather have a detrimental effect upon the sanctity of married life. The economic freedom has a significant role in weakening the’ mutual commitment to marriage and family life. This explains the growing number of divorces amongst young couples.

Parents need to play a proactive role in guiding adult children in what is love and what the marital relationship should mean in life. Parents who have lived a stable life are good examples for young adults to copy and follow. However, even those parents who have lived turbulent lives could, if they are honest, tell their children where they faltered and failed. Fortunately, people are now more open and willing to discuss their own lives that we can have through articles in magazines and books. These could be useful learning tools.