PREPARING FOR INDEPENDENCEAll parents undergo a lot of hardships and have to make great sacrifices to raise a child. This makes many to feel that this entitles the parents to subjugate the child, that the child must be obedient to the parents for life. Many parents become possessive and want to control the child. When parents become selfish to entertain such desires, it is not ideal parenting.

The ideal parents raise a child to eventually make him or her an ideal person, one who can live independently in the society we have inherited from our forefathers. It might appear to be a one-way street where parents keep giving and receive nothing. It is not so. Compensation follows every good and bad deed. Parents who have given the best to the child will be compensated by the love and affection they get when the child is an independent adult.

A mother is equated to God in many cultures because she gives without expecting anything in return. A father comes next because his hardships and sacrifices are different from those of mother. Even when the child grows up, goes through school and college and steps into the adult world to live an independent life, it is the parents’ advice that he will seek whenever in doubt. If the parents do not provide this support, he or she could seek it from others who may not be knowledgeable. That could be disastrous. Just as a gardener admires the flowers that he grows, similarly parents are required to sit back and guide their child to bloom into a responsible person.

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