PREPARING FOR WORKIn almost all cultures it is the parents who pay for the upbringing and education of the child. Only when they are unable to afford it, the children are compelled to work to be able to survive. The majority of the parents support the child until he or she is ready to live independently in society.

Children do not learn to work instinctively. They need to be guided and motivated to work. In affluent families one gets to see a lot of young men and women unwilling to work for . the simple reason that they can sponge an easy life Q:If the parents’ wealth. The parents also do not realise the harm they are causing by not teaching the child to work.

In the normal circumstances where the parents can support a child through school and college, one does not need to work to earn a livelihood until one is an adult. But earning a livelihood is not like walking from one room to another. One needs to learn in one’s childhood that every family member must contribute his or her share of work to have a happy family. It is this work that teaches the need for cooperation and teamwork.

When a child sees his father or mother, and in the modern times, even both going to work, the curiosity is automatically aroused in him. The child wants to know where the parents go and why. This is the time to start teaching the child the need to work for a livelihood. The child must appreciate the hard work the parents put in to keep the home going and to buy all the good things they have. He must understand that better < skills and abilities are rated higher and help earn more money, This is also an occasion to explain the need for ethics and honesty.

Many conscientious parents equate work with prayer. Drawing from the old Latin phrase Laborare est Orare, meaning ‘to work is to pray’, they explain that God appreciates good work, and rewards. all the hard-working people.

Both boys and girls should be involved in the household work. In some cultures, the boys feel that girls should do the household work. That might have been all right in the past, but in the present day when both men and women are working shoulder to shoulder in every office and factory, both should share the responsibility at home as well.

Many of the toys available in the market aim at developing children’s skills to build models, help them think logically, develop their numerical ability, and help them learn new words and other similar things. All these eventually lead to develop skills that will be used in adult life.

Like all other habits, good work habits are also founded in the childhood. Rather than indulging the children with all the goodies, parents should teach them the dignity of labor and the need to work. When they reach adult life they will appreciate the little lessons learnt from the parents in childhood.

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