PROMOTIONSIn most of the jobs offered by the government, or in defense services or the police department and several other similar organisations, increments and promotions are linked with the length of service. It is presumed that everyone will do his or her job well. In the private sector, every employer pays in proportion to the work done and the responsibilities fulfilled.

A person should not expect an early promotion in one’s first job. The employer is aware that the person is at a stage where he or she is still gaining work experience. In the long term, this is as valuable as the salary that one draws at the end of each month. The employers keep an eye on all employees and regularly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses. Since no employer wishes to lose a worthy employee, it is usual to give an annual bonus or an increment in the salary to keep the person interested in the job.

Most employees look at this bonus or increment as a matter of right rather than a favour by the employer. They do not look at it as a form of growth or promotion. They perceive a promotion in terms of a superior position in the organisation. To fulfill this desire, many organisations have improvised special titles like ‘assistant manager’, ‘deputy manager’, ‘senior manager’ or ‘group manager’. These fancy titles do fulfill the inner desire and enhance a person’s self-esteem, but cannot really be looked at as promotion because there might not be any change in the kind of work one might be doing.

The real growth in a career does not come from fancy titles or offering special cubicles to work from. The growth comes ‘from handling greater responsibility in the organisation. Before seeking promotion, one must make it evident to the employer of one’s ability to handle greater responsibility in the daily routine. When the employer is convinced of this ability, a promotion soon follows.

Growth at the workplace is a slow process. Be patient. Develop skills and abilities for greater responsibilities. All good employers are in search of people who are responsible. Those Who are worthy would get promoted in time.