QUITTING THE JOBIt is natural for all young people to desire a swift growth in one’s career. The first job might not be the perfect job in terms of remuneration, growth opportunities, and use of all of one’s skills an d abilities and other such considerations. However, we cannot over look that the first Job does provide the opportunity to get acquainted with the work culture in an organisation. This experience is not available in a college.

One thing that every young person must understand is that there has to be a first time with everything and taking up a job is no different. One must also appreciate that moving on to another job is not always a step towards growing in a career. There must always be good reasons for quitting a job. These must be evaluated realistically and only then should one quit. a job in favour of a better opportunity.

Is the new job more remunerative than the present one? Will it offer greater satisfaction than what the present job is providing? Will the new job offer better opportunities to utilise the skills and abilities? Does it entail more responsibilities and challenges? Is the work culture more conducive to teamwork and greater productivity? Are the employer-employee relations more congenial?

The answers to these questions need to be understood and evaluated in relation to one’s circumstances and only if they are in one’s favour, a person should quit his or her job.