REFUSING A JOBIt does not always happen but when a person makes an application to several organisations simultaneously to seek a good job, provided he or she is well qualified, there is a possibility that he or she could get letters for an interview from several potential employers. It is also likely that he or she could get letters of appointment from two or more organisations.

What should one do under such circumstances? It is possible to take up only one appointment and reject the others. Under such circumstances, a person needs to act professionally while turning down a job offer. The first thing to remember is to respond promptly. In all likelihood, a person would have his or her preferences, and if you are declining an organisation that is lower in your priority list, respond immediately.

Respond to the organization’s hiring manager expressing your gratitude for the offer of appointment, yet expressing your inability to join because of personal reasons. A person does not need to be apologetic. However, the letter must be in a positive tone wishing the organization success. You should so draft the message so as to keep the doors open for a future appointment, if necessary. It would be quite in order to communicate the message through email, followed by a signed hard copy.

If you know a personal friend who is equally qualified for the job as you are and is in need of a job you could suggest his or her name for the position. Let the organization decide what it would like to do.

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