RELATIONSHIPS ARE FOREVERWith the children growing up and going their own way, the couple once again returns to the position when both had decided to raise a family. They are left by themselves, but can look back with satisfaction of the hardships they went through and sacrifices they made to raise their children. Their efforts bear fruit in the form of worthy citizens that will carry on the society.

Once again it is time to remember that every child is born unique. Every child responds differently to the same parents, home, school and the environments in which he lives. Brothers and sisters go their own way. One wonders why? Perhaps we can draw upon the Hindu ideology that each newborn brings with him or her fruits of the past lives, which explains why each person goes in different directions.

Parents are able to build stronger relationships with some children as compared to others. However, each effort made by the parents for the child leaves its own mark confirming that relationships are forever. Besides the parents, even the teachers in schools and colleges leave an indelible mark on the minds of people. Many celebrities are known to locate their teachers far and wide to convey their gratitude for the lifechanging support given by them. Parents are acknowledged even more. Sometimes the response may not be spontaneous, but parents must understand that this is nature’s way. Whatever they give to their parents will come back from their children.

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