RELIGION AND FAITHIrrespective of the religion or faith a family may follow, the rites and rituals performed in the family or the society particularly during festivals encourage all children to ask questions pertaining to religion, faith and God. What are we doing? Why should we do it? How will it help us? Where is God? What does He look like? Why can’t we see Him? What does prayer do for us?

Some parents are able to satisfy the child’s curiosity, gradually convincing him or ‘her of our connection with God, the environment and the larger universe. Many more fafl to answer him completely, but their own commitment in the faith encourages the child to follow through example. Children begin to see praying as a worthy practice.

It is said that families that pray together stay together. Religion, faith and prayer have a bonding effect in the family. Many of the values that children learn are through stories about gods and goddesses. Parents can use these as valuable tools to drive home the need for values and character.

Besides imparting values, parents use prayers ,as tool to teach children to face stress and tension in life. This gradually leads to meditation and understanding of the self. All religions talk of God within us. As adults, one realises that God within us speaks to us through our conscience. This leads us to a worthy life as responsible citizens.