RESPONSIBILITY FULFILLEDIdeal parents give back a little more to society than what they might have got. What could be more satisfying to the parents than to have producing responsible children who are now ideal citizens of the society?

Looking back, all parents realise that there is no secret formula or mantra that can be used for ideal parenting. Each child is unique and requires personal attention. The lives of all great men and women are built a little bit each time through the conscientious efforts of the mother and father. It is hard work that requires much efforts and sacrifices, many times unnoticed by the child for whom it is done.

The day a person realises his or her true calling of life and thereafter sets out to achieve what is required, the parents’ efforts may be said to have borne fruit. The parents can sit back and look at their children with pride and true happiness. Nothing pleases the parents more than seeing their children succeed.

Problems and obstacles come in the path of all adults. Your children will be no exception. Let them tackle these in their own way. Give them an opportunity to innovate, experiment and learn. They are grown up now, Let them handle them their own way. They will quietly thank you for teaching them how to succeed. Give support only when asked for. Left by themselves they will go a step further and do better. Your responsibility has been fulfilled. You have indeed been an ideal parent. Thank God for having blessed you along the way.

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