Revealed – 60% of 18-24 year old women feel under pressure to achieve the #PerfectBeachBody

With the summer holiday season in full swing, an online voucher code website looked into the pressure women face to have the perfect beach body. They found that 60% 18-24 year olds felt the most pressure, in addition the a tummy tuck was the most popular choice for women looking to get their body in shape for summer.

Surgery Bikini Shot

To find out what pressure women are under to have the #PerfectBeachBody online voucher code website asked over 1000 women in the UK aged over 18 “Do you feel pressure to have a perfect beach body?” The majority of women, 76% said they did not feel under pressure, however 24% said they did. The most body conscious age group were 18-24 year olds, with 60% stating they felt pressure to have a perfect beach body.

To find out what beauty preparation women have for their summer holiday My Voucher Codes i asked respondents who were planning a summer beach holiday “Would you have any of the following in preparation for a beach holiday?”

  • Waxing including eyebrows, legs and bikini area – 59%
  • Manicure and pedicure – 54%
  • Facial – 29%
  • Sunbed – 17%
  • Spray tan – 13%
  • Body wrap – 12%

Waxing was the most popular choice with many women booking in appointments before their holidays, closely followed by manicures and pedicures. Least popular preparations included spray tans and body wraps to get their bodies beach ready. The average costs for all treatments prior holidays can add up to nearly £300.

Health and fitness is also part of the holiday prep. Months prior the holiday, health and fitness regimes would have been started to get the perfect beach body, including dieting going to the gym. To find out what most respondents had done they asked: “To get beach body ready this summer did you do any of the following?”

  • Join a gym – 55%
  • Join a diet club – 32%
  • Go to fitness classes – 31%
  • Hire a personal trainer – 19%
  • Use a fad diet – 8%
  • Go to a fitness boot camp – 3%

The majority of respondents opted for joining a gym to get ready, however diet clubs and fitness classes were also popular choices to achieve a perfect beach body. With average gym memberships running at £50 per month and classes an additional £80 for a ten week course, fitness doesn’t come cheap either. Boot camps and personal trainers also are pretty pricy with costs ranging from £200- over £500 for courses or sessions.

However diets and exercise aren’t always the only options, respondents were also asked: “Would you have any of the following in preparation for a beach holiday?” With the option to choose from surgical and non-surgical procedures to get the perfect beach body, they found:

  • Tummy tuck – 41%
  • Liposuction – 33%
  • Breast augmentation – 29%
  • Butt lift – 21%
  • Botox – 15%
  • Lip fillers – 13%

Speaking about the shocking results Mark Pearson founder of My Voucher Codes said:

“It’s amazing how much beauty treatments can cost for holiday prep, add this to the cost of a holiday and people can end up spending a fortune before that go. And that is not taking into account, gym membership, and fad diets or class’s people take to get their beach body.”

He added:

“What is shocking though is the surgery women would consider having to get a beach body. There is so much pressure on women to have the perfect body, I can understand why some women resort to such extremes to get it.”

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