SELF-IMPROVEMENT AT WORKEvery person begins his or her professional career with the basic set of skills and abilities required in that particular field of activity. Much of this knowledge is gained at the school or college level, and sometimes through practical training. Young people overlook that the process of learning does not end here. It continues at the workplace throughout life.

In every field of activity, a person attains the position that is consistent with the person’s skills and abilities. The more he or she learns through work experience, the more he or she qualifies for a higher position. That is how everyone succeeds and continues to grow in one’s career. Attaining new or better skills ensures that a person is well in control of his or her work and there is always scope for growth.

The need for self-improvement at the workplace requires a person to upgrade knowledge regularly. One must keep in touch with the developments in that particular field of activity. Reading trade magazines and journals, and also the latest books on the subject helps keep one updated on the latest developments.

Young people are eager to know what are the principal skills that need to be enhanced. One of the most important skills that a person needs every day and one enhances it through experience is that of communicating with one another. This involves both speaking and writing skills. Most people lack public speaking skills, which can be mastered only through effort and practice.

The ability to conduct effective meetings is best learnt at the workplace. Whatever knowledge a person might have on the subject is insufficient until one learns to put it to practical use. Time management and working as a team too are best learnt through practice at the workplace. The more conscious
a person becomes of their utility in increasing productivity, the greater the effort a person puts in to learn these skills.

There is no end to learning about building good relationships. These are the basis of developing a good network and a career. People learn through interaction and by making mistakes. However, when a person practises the simple rules of developing good relationships; the techniques become a part of the person for a lifetime.

Another field where a person continues to learn is decision making. It is an important aspect of a career. Most fear decision-making, but it is not as difficult to learn as many make it out to be. The ability to take decisions is a very valuable ability that is not only admired, but also very well paid for. The senior managers excel in this field.

Besides the common skills that are used in every sphere of life, one can always enhance work skills that are immediately rewarded through higher remuneration and personal satisfaction of enjoying one’s work.

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