Skin Care and Control Tips

skin careEvery Women dreams to be admired and sought after. But unfortunately the time and money they waste on this venture is very disheartening. Sometimes the thing that you wish; could just be right under your nose and you pay no heed to it. Most people prefer imported creams and options over home remedies, Let me ask them does that work? Well with in my personal frame of reference I have never heard of any women let alone seen any women, attaining an alluring skin with the aid of imported lotions and creams!

Every few people would know about the things they need for beauty enhancement can easily be found in their kitchen cabinets and refrigerator..Gram flour ad milk, tomato, cucumber ,ice, curd, fresh cream all of these can be your best beauty aids.

Skin Care:

Skin is the most important part of our body, a very precious gift from God Almighty. It is also known as the best sensory organ. Every individual has a different skin tone. A person cannot change his or her skin color but skin elevation can be done by using some remedies. To help your skin natural methods  should be used, they have no side effects. Surely you would feel no itching, no rash nothing!

There are different solutions to simple problems just for example acne, well I would prefer the acne-person to use *ALOE VERA*.It is basically a herbal plant that consist of a sticky liquid in it— apply it on your face neck and hands for over 20 minutes or so and wash it over with luke warm water. The remedy must be carried out at least 4 days a week and it will make you feel the difference.

The second most used home remedy is *UBTAN* which is a mixture of Gram flour and milk or curd can also be used. And yes gram flour can also be stirred with oils for example mustard or sesame oil. Mix the gram flour with a table spoon of gram flour and add a little mil or curd mix it as in shape of a paste and then gentally scrub it on the skin for five minutes and leave it on for approximately seven to ten minutes, then take if off slowly with add of luke warn water. This method should be applied at least two times a day—Ubtan can also be used as the best face wash. Wasting money on the branded face washes that gives you as such of nothing should be replaced by this amazing product that can benefit your skin in a thousand ways. and definitely within a month your skin will feel very soft and flawless.
Drinking approximately 8 glass of water a day can also help you attain a beautiful skin.

Wrinkles and Dark Shadows:

This is another skin problem that is very common in women above the age of  twenty seven. But when it comes to dark circles I’ve seen many children and specially girls of age fifteen to sixteen with dark shadows beneath their eyes. There are many reasons for this but mostly commonly dark shadows are caused due to the lack of sleep, may be due to some kind of allergies, weakening diseases like Jaundice or etc or maybe due to poor health habits. This is a very common problem that can easily be solved. There are certain remedies for this and you can easily get rid of your dark shadows. Place a used tea bag under your eye for fifteen to twenty minutes. It should be warm enough for your skin to deal with the warmth. This should be done at least 2 time a day and I bet you in month or probably two you’ll be amazed. Secondly you can also apply Lemon juice under your eyes but this can be use with pure glycerine and rose water that will nourish your skin and will make it baby soft this is not much effective and is very time taking.
Second common problem in women are wrinkles which obviously are the signs of aging. This commonly happens as you reach above twenty seven your skin starts to shrink and you start to notice crow feet at the corner of your eyes. Use can use rose water—apply rose water on your face and the wrinkles will disappear. But rose water alone would not be reliable. Pure glycerine and lemon must be added to the rose water and this will definitely help you. You can also apply gooseberries—immerse them in water at night and in the morning wash your face with the gooseberry this will definitely compliment your skin.

For dark spots or marks on your skin you can use ubtan which is made of sandal wood, cloves and dry gooseberries. Take 10 grams of the powered and add a little amount of water or milk or curd to it, apply it on your face or the part affected. This is quite an affective method, should definitely be used.

Ringworms and Boils:

This is a very painful disease that can make a person’s life a living hell. If is a fungal disease which have a mold-like structure that are called dermatophytes.The very common symptom of this disease is that it it causes an itchy. To avoid it by with the aid of home remedies is that you should take half lemon juice stirred in water or you can also massage your affected skin part with margosa oil or sandalwood oil. Neem leaves can also be taken in the form of soup—boil them in water and then filter them out drink the residue. Should be taken at least once a day and on empty stomach.


It is a very horrifying disease, it spreads all over the human body in shapes of small balls. The disease is very irritating and is caused by a virus. The very dangerous phase of this disease is the first week ,avoid going near to the person with this disease. People who have gone through this treacherous disease and still have marks of it have nothing to worry about—they can apply rose water on their faces or can massage their face with mustard oil at least thrice a week. Most importantly the person should adopt a healthy eating habits—fruits should be the part of his diet specially, green vegetables and dairy products. And the person should take proper sleep—a normal person should sleep 6 to 8 hours a day.

Discoloration of skin:

Another disease that is very commonly found is the discoloration of skin, mostly of neck and fingers. Females usually treat it by going to salons and by taking pedicures and facial massage but another very common thing that can be done is that you can scrub lemon juice of your discolored part daily. Or you can take a spoon full of yogurt and scrub it all around your affected place. Yogurt can also be applied to normal skin as it removes the dead cells of the skin and your skin glows.