SMOKING, DRINKING AND DRUGSWhen youngsters get together at parties, it is common for them to indulge in smoking and drinking. Some do it to get a taste of the unknown; many do it under peer pressure. some do it out of such feelings, “What will everyone think if I am the odd person out?” It is not long before one begins to like it, and soon it becomes a habit.

People ask: “Why do people smoke or drink?” The fact is that both of these are temporarily relaxing. One mistakes this relaxation to be normal, but it is not so. The feeling of relaxation is momentary. It wears off after some time. Then one wants more, While smoking and chewing tobacco are known to lead to heart disease and cancer, the use of alcohol affects a person’s sense of time and space, making one a potential risk on the road. Continued use can lead to alcoholism, health problems and other vices.

The use of drugs to get a feeling of relaxation is not new. The rapid advances in modern’ medicine have given many new drugs that are misused by youngsters and adults alike. Since these help relieve tension and stress, they are readily accepted. Like tobacco and alcohol, these drugs too are addictive and can lead to very serious consequences.

Parents need to make their children aware of the harmful effects of these substances. They must also know that there could be some peer pressure to introduce and promote their use. Youngsters should avoid the company of those known to indulge in them.