CONTRACEPTIONIt is common for most parents to be worried for their child to indulge in pre-marital sex. Those parents who take a liberal outlook and are indulgent towards children are still worried that a daughter may not get pregnant, or a son get involved with a wrong kind of person. More than the concern for a child, parents are worried about the effect of such a matter on their life.

Speaking about contraception with a son or daughter can be looked at from two different angles. While the parents would like to impart this information to guide the son or daughter that these are aimed at protecting, a person against sexually transmitted diseases and also help avoid an unwanted pregnancy, the children take it as an indirect suggestion that the parents do not see any harm in pre-marital sexual activity.

With greater opportunities for education for both boys and girls, and with young men and women working together in offices in large cities, it cannot be denied that indulgence in pre-marital sex has grown substantially in the past few decades. Many parents would have indulged in it too. Youngsters are opting not to maintain self-restraint. These factors do not mean that pre-marital sexual activity is necessary or right. It certainly exposes them to a new kind of physical and emotional upheavals. It would be best for the parents to talk straight with the son or daughter and guard them against the physical and emotional upheavals resulting from it simultaneously guiding him or her to righteous path.

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