STAY MOTIVATEDSometimes you achieve a lot with very little effort. Yet, on another occasion you achieve very little though the effort may be far greater? The difference lies in the level of motivation. The greater the level of motivation, the better the productivity.

Leaders make special efforts to keep all the team members motivated because that helps keep productivity high. Even on the field, the coaches and captains make special efforts to ensure that the team members are well motivated and in a position to give of their best performance. It is motivation that differentiates a winning team from the losing team.

While in a team it is the team leader who keeps the members motivated, amongst individuals it is for a person to ensure that he or she remains motivated to perform well. This will require the person to understand what motivates him or her the most.

People respond differently to a variety of factors that motivate people. It has been observed that each person responds to a set combination of factors. If one can identify these, then one can use them at one’s own convenience to remain in a state of high motivation. While almost everyone responds to praise, appreciation and monetary benefits, we cannot ignore the influence of nature, music and those who love you. Identify what motivates you, and use it to develop self-confidence.

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