STRENGTH FROM NATURENature is the source d all energy. Can you imagine a world without the sun, the earth, rivers, lakes or seas and oceans? Can you think of a world without the trees, the bushes, the gardens and the beautiful flowers that delight us with their colours and fragrance”

God provides us energy through His many creations we generally refer to as ‘nature’. Mankind, in the lust or greed for everything, has ravished nature through unmindful exploitation which includes cutting down of trees, indiscriminate mining, blocking of rivers, etc, We have polluted the earth indiscriminatingly, not realising that it will reciprocate to endanger the existence of mankind.

Respect the gifts d nature. Have you observed that all holiday resorts are buil1amidst nature, deep in the hills, along rivers, lakes and the seas, amidst forests, gardens and parks? When people are stressed out they go to these holiday destinations to de-stress and regain vigour to live a competitive life. It is nature that provides the energy to rebuild the exhausted cells in the body. It provides a new lease to life.

Hindus pray to the sun, the moon and other planets; they pray to trees like the Peepal tree, and plants like the Tulsi that can be found in millions of Hindu homes, the rivers and the seas. All these are manifestations of God and serve as sources of pleasures and self-confidence.