TEENAGE FADS AND FANCIESA teenager is both a child and an adult. While in the early teens, he has stepped in from childhood, in the later teens he looks and feels like an adult, though he might not be ready to be on his own completely. With such a contrast, the teenagers’ are often commented upon for their fads and fancies. While sometimes they are childish, at other times they pose and behave like they are adults already.

While teenagers desire that they should have the best of both worlds, most believe that they end up getting the worst of being both a child and an adult. At this stage, the parents can make a great difference by encouraging them sometimes, and comforting them at other times.

During this period teenagers develop new opinions about being slim and trim, about clothes, friendships, the way people live, entertainment and social habits. They also begin to form opinions about smoking, consuming alcoholic drinks and about trying the use of drugs. Many of these shock the parents and send alarming signals, sometimes arousing fright and horror.

The. parents need to understand that the teenager is passing through a trying phase of life. He needs to be helped and guided. Though the children tend to gradually drift away at this stage, the parents need to make special efforts to maintain a high level of confidence in them, offering honest advice and yet being firm about the need for social etiquette and decency at all tim