The Relation(ship) Innovation

Relationships have been around ever since the first sentient being became aware of another sentient being in the immediate area. And ever since men started trying to define relationships and categorize it so it could easily be put in the proper place.

It’s only been recently that there has been a seeming increase in diversification of relationships. In the past anything outside of the normal heterosexual relationship was deemed abnormal and obscene but now you see all types of relationships from heterosexual to homosexual and even polyamorous relationships.

So what brought about this change?
One of the reasons cited is our lack of total understanding of what is categorized as a relationship. Like everything else in life, relationships are not static. It is an ever evolving event in life that involves two or more elements. These elements (or people) have separate unique characteristics that make them unique. When these unique characteristics interact there will always be a certain amount of friction and over time it could develop into a more meaningful relationship or end up as a dissolution of the union between two (or more) people.

Over time, through constant interaction with other unique human beings, a person will finally discover what they really want out of a relationship. This may not be necessarily with someone from the opposite sex and this may also not be relegated to just one person.

These types of relationships seem to be increasing in number because more people are being educated about tolerance towards those who are not part of the “norm”. Media, in the form of TV, print, Internet or radio has also disseminated information about tolerance which has made people more open to accepting the seemingly “abnormal” relationships as “normal”. This proliferation of information has also empowered people who are still seeking their sexuality to accept experimentation and acceptance.

Relationships continue to evolve as our education about tolerance and acceptance widens our views on what’s normal and not. Where this will take us is still uncertain but wherever it will end up we all know it’ll be for the best. After all, change is always good!

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