UNDERSTAND TRUE LOVEWhen one is able to attain harmony with the self, one begins to see humanity with a new perspective-with an attitude of love. Do not confuse this love with romantic love that we see in young couples. This love is special. It comes from deep within a person.

This love is an emotion that encourages intelligent self expression amongst others, simultaneously creating an environment where everyone finds joy and happiness. This kind of love is based upon patience and mutual understanding, and grows gradually in intensity.

This love raises a person from selfishness to think in terms of unity and not division; it encourages one to see hurdles as opportunities to succeed. Through this love, one makes a sacrifice without a second thought; it helps one to serve selflessly.

Swami Ramakrishna explains, “Pure knowledge and pure love are one and the same. Both lead the aspirants to God. The path of love is much easier.” In the holy Guru Granthsahib, Guru Nanak tells us, “He is the true man who loves God, loves man and, serving all, abides in eternal love.”

One who cannot have love in the heart cannot enjoy self confidence. Love is the greatest of all emotions. God resides within each one of us. He manifests in the form of love for everyone.