WORKPLACE ANXIETYAnxiety is a state of being anxious, a condition when a person experiences worry and uneasiness. Workplace anxiety is a feeling of worry and uneasiness when a person is working.

It is a common belief that a little tension or anxiety compels a person to work harder and become more productive. People prefer to call this state as ‘healthy tension’ because it helps enhance performance. It is at this point that one needs to differentiate between arousal and anxiety.

Arousal means to bring about a response; to experience a heightened level of consciousness. It means to be motivated, to get alert and get involved in action. Arousal at a lower level is motivating and gets people working. However, when the level of arousal increases, the performance falls because of the higher pressure and could lead to worry and anxiety.

Anxiety, irrespective of its intensity, is dangerous at the workplace. It can lead the workmen to rely upon prescription drugs, suffer physical ailments and experience a feeling of poor well-being. The workers could avoid rest and recreation activities and the performance could suffer. In due course, it could lead to lack of self-fulfilment at work and the desire to seek work elsewhere.

higher levels described as clinical and ,generalized anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and even as J3aAicsand phobias, all of which need expert-medical attention. A person needs to appreciate that even at lower levels of anxiety, the work performance comes down and the situation could gradually get aggravated to make it a serious problem.

The solution lies in understanding the situation and tackling it in a realistic manner. The first step should always be to identify the exact cause of the worry or uneasiness. Is it the lack of some skill or ability to cope with the work situation? If so, what can be done about it? Where could one seek help? Colleagues? The boss? Or would it be necessary to seek additional training? When a person focuses on the problem, one gradually prepares to tackle it reasonably.

Another way to cope with anxiety is to talk about it with one’s colleagues, friends and the family. The sharing of the problem eases mental uneasiness, and one is gradually able to adjust to the workplace. Women are more expressive than men and find this a convenient method to cut down on their anxiety levels.

A method used by a few people is to escape from situations that lead to anxiety. This is a quick-fix method, which appears reasonable but is not so. Avoiding situations at the workplace leave them unattended and could be a cause of loss to the organisation. This would not be acceptable.

Geikie advises, “He is well along the road to perfect manhood who does not allow the thousand little worries of life to embitter his temper, or disturb his equanimity. An undivided heart wh ich worships God alone, and trusts Him as it should, is raised above anxiety for earthly wants.” Share your life with God; you will rid yourself of anxiety.

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